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1.3.2018….Cold in Coburn

Happy New Year!
Thanks to everyone who helped make 2017 such a great year! We look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Winter decided to be on time this year and as of late we having been seeing extremely cool temperatures. It was 0 degrees (F) this morning and we are up to a brisk 10 degrees as of mid day. Temperature are forecasted to stay below freezing until at least Monday.


As a result Upper Penns is more less frozen. Below the confluence with Elk Creek, the Penns Creek side is all ice. In some spots the ice protrudes 15 feet out from the bank. Elk Creek’s side is what’s keeping it open with the combined flow of Pine Creek, Elk creek is dumping in warmer than upper Penns. At some spots, mostly where there is faster riffle water, there is minimal ice build up. Angler should use caution and choose wisely where to enter the stream in these conditions.

Most days we are working in the B&B and will be open for appointments.
Give us a ring if you want to stop by on a closed day and we will try to get you in.