Penns Creek in spring
The spring green drake hatch on Penns Creek
offers some of the best fly fishing in
Central Pennsylvania.

A Fly Shop and Flyfishing Bed & Breakfast

Since 1989, the philosophy of The Feathered Hook has been simple: to help every person who comes to fly fish central Pennsylvania's streams to achieve their goals, catch more fish, and enjoy themselves all the more. We specialize in wild trout that are stream bred and raised. Our guiding includes both public and private water experiences. The Feathered Hook is centrally located to fly fish brown trout and brookies on the world-class limestone streams of Pennsylvania, including Penns Creek, Elk Creek, Pine Creek, Big Fishing Creek, and Spring Creek.

Located in the heart of Northern Amish country on the banks of Penns Creek, The Feathered Hook is a fly fisher's inn. We provide a tying area, fly fishing literature to read and an attached shop to meet your fly and tackle needs. Most importantly, we provide an atmosphere that will allow you to relax, enjoy yourself and forget about the rest of the world.

In the tiny Appalachian town of Coburn, Pennsylvania, life occurs at a different pace. Take your time and take it easy: the only rush should be to get to the stream. Look forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones.


Latest Updates

5/23/17…..The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The Green Drakes are still around Glen Iron. They are also hatching upstream of Coburn in the water above where Elk/Pine creek come in. 

Sulphurs and Grey Fox and Crane Flies and Tan Caddis and Blue Quills and Blue Wing Olives and Green Drakes. Oh my!
The water levels are great for wading right now!
Great job Matt!

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5/22/17…..Green Drakes flys catching fish in Glen Iron

It is all happening man!  The swarm is still building and the fish are keying in on the Green Drakes!  So exciting!
Hope you get to see the Drakes of 2017!

A couple from the last 2 days…..

Posted May 22, 2017 in General, Stream Update


5/21/17….The Drakes are Starting!!

The water is perfect and the bugs are hatching and everything is wonderful!
The First of the Green Drakes are just starting way down stream….between Millmont and Glen Iron!  
The Dry Fly fishing picked up today for the first time in a week….really strong.  
Hope you can make it!

Posted May 21, 2017 in General, Stream Update


5/17/17……Near perfect conditions!

The water levels are amazing!  
The hatches are amazing!
The weather is amazing!
March Browns. Sulphurs. Grey Fox. Tan Caddis. Blue Wing Olives. Blue Quills. Crane flies. 
Happiness comes to us all differently… fishing just happens to be my passion!

Posted May 18, 2017 in General, Stream Update


5/13/17…..A New Life!

Penns Creek is experiencing a reawakening!  The levels are coming down…the color is perfect….the Bugs are hatching…and the fish are looking up for them!  Yaaaaaaaa!
The Hook before a few renovations…..

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5/9/17…..Showing signs of improvement….but still bad.

The color is starting to drop out of her, but she is still very high. Matt and Aston have been hammering them on Spring Creek and Fishing creek should be good by tomorrow. Our major hatch activity has come to a screeching halt with this water, but I expect it to explode as the water comes back down. On a positive note…..we will have great water all through June!

You should be fishing this in this….

Today from the Coburn bridge…..

Posted May 9, 2017 in Stream Update


5/5/17…..Not so good 😱

So…..lots of rain then……

Everything in the area is a mess and more rain coming. The color isn’t horrible yet but it will be. The rain has stopped for now….but I know she’s just trying to lull me into feeling safe and than….Pounce!

OUR PHONES WORK AGAIN!  Thanks for your patience. 

Here’s the current water….Josh with a nice Fishing creek trout from 2 days ago and a girl I just met. 

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5/3/17……fishable water!

The creek is coming down fast and the color here at the bridge is shockingly good. 

These pictures are from 2:05 pm. 

Our phone system has been affected by the storm.  Please call my cell phone at 814-574-9426


Posted May 3, 2017 in General, Stream Update


5/2/17…….What a storm!

I have not seen the stream with my own eyes yet but according to the hydrograph…..all the creeks in the area are a mess. 
Some of the creeks will be fishable by later today.  One of the greatest assets this area has, is the tremendous number of streams! The smaller and steeper streams clear much faster. I will be at the shop by 8:30ish. Please call with questions and we will discuss!

Now THAT is a bad day!

Posted May 2, 2017 in General, Stream Update


4/30/17…..An Amazing Year!

I have never seen a year like this before!  The Grannoms overlapped the March Browns and the Hendricksons are still around and the Sulphurs are starting on Penns in April!!  Craziness!!
Water conditions are amazing! Perfect wading levels and great clarity!
 March Browns#10/12
Light Hendricksons #12/14
Quill Gordons #12/14
Red Quills#12/14
Crane flies#16
Small tan caddis #18
Blue Wing Olives #18/20
Blue Quills #18
The first Sulphurs #12
Some fish from this weekend and an old friend!

Posted April 30, 2017 in General, Stream Update