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The Feathered Hook Fly Shop offers a wide selection of locally tied flies, bamboo rods, graphite rods, breathable waders, wading boots, fly fishing clothes, experienced guide service and a semi-knowledgeable staff to try and answer your questions. We hope to have everything you might need for your time in Central PA and quite a bit more. The store has a huge selection of flies tied by our nineteen local tiers. We carry a large selection of leaders and tippets as well as floatants and every other gizmo we can think to order.

We are proud to offer Central Pennsylvania's largest selection of Simms waders, boots, and clothing. We have a tremendous selection of Simms gear in stock, to touch, try on, and see. We're proud to feature Rio and Scientific Anglers fly lines, Hardy and Greys rods and reels, Thomas and Thomas rods, Fishpond vest bags and luggage, Loon floatants, Trout Hunter tippet and leaders, Nomad nets, 3-Tand reels, Folstaff wading staffs, Ted Godfrey reels, and an assortment of The Feathered Hook gear as well as an assortment of odds and ends for all your fly fishing needs.

We are a bamboo friendly shop and offer fine handcrafted rods from nationally known makers such as Walt Carpenter, Marc Aroner, Sweetgrass rods, D. G. Schroeder, Steve Jenkins, J.D. Wagner, and Jim Downes, plus a few select up and coming cane rod builders. We also carry Hardy and Greys graphite rods and custom built graphite rods from Bill Franke. We can fit your budget and needs.

I have always been impressed with bright shiny things and our reels are no exception. We carry Hardy, Greys, Peerless, J. Austin Forbes, 3-Tand and a selection of vintage reels by a variety of makers. We carry Rio and Scientific Angler fly lines. We are more than happy to help you with your tackle problems whether you bought it here or not.

Please keep in mind that our vintage items turn over rapidly. Please check our Bamboo Listing page to get an up to date listing of what we currently have in stock. Pre-owned tackle is available for those on a budget, but still wishing to purchase quality equipment.

We are also interested in purchasing vintage used tackle that you might wish to part with.


New in the Shop

6/26/18….All Better

The water has receded…..finally.

The fishing has been real good again….which is nice.

We have:

Slate Drakes

Light Cahills


3 kinds of Caddis

Blue Quills

Crane Flies

The fish are ravenous after the Drake and their metabolisms are on high and they got to eat!

Posted June 26, 2018

6/11/18…..Blown Out!

So much rain this year!

She should fish well all summer now!

Call the shop…. 814-349-8757 for an update anytime

So….that’s not good!


Posted June 11, 2018

6/6/18…..The End of the Drakes.

The Green Drakes are down to just a few Coffin Flies on Penns…..

The are still strong on Fishing Creek.

And yet….we are still catching really nice fish!

How you ask?

Current Hatches:

The Big Blue Wing Olives #14/16

Orange Cahills #12

Light Cahills #12

4 different Caddis #14-20

Crane Flies #14-18

Little Blue Wing Olives #18

Grey Fox Spinners #14

Sulphurs #16&18

Sulphur Spinners

And a partridge in a pear tree!

The water is in the best shape of the year…..if you missed your trip in the early spring….it is all good now!

Hope you get to come up and play!

Posted June 7, 2018

6/3/18…..Drakes from Cherry Run to Coburn

It has been an unusual Drake year…..sputtered in the beginning and then Joy to the World!

The swarm will be in or just above Poe Paddy tonight.

There are Drakes happening in one form or another everywhere from Cherry Run (Coffin Flies)….

To Coburn (mostly duns with lots of male and some female Coffin Flies.

Also…everything other bug know to humankind is hatching as well (only minor exaggeration).

I think this colder burst of weather may extend the Drakes a few extra days!


Posted June 3, 2018

5/31/18….The Drake is Great!

The main Drake is all around the Weikert area and has been amazing!

The Drake above the junction of Elk and Penns has also been wonderful!

It has all been happening So late because of the heat but today is a lot cooler.

Also every other bug in the world is happening! True soup!

Posted May 31, 2018

5/29/18…..It is Time!

It is hard to imagine but the Creek is in good shape and the bugs are all hatching and it is kind of Amazing!

We still have Sulphurs and March Browns and Grey Fox and Crane Flies and Caddis ETC!

Just Fantastic!

Hope you get to come!

Posted May 29, 2018

5/27/18…..GREEN DRAKES IN COBURN! (Read closely)

The GREEN DRAKES have started in Coburn this morning! I am referring to the area ABOVE the Junction of Elk and Penns. The Coburn bridge and upstream essentially.

I hope you get a chance to come and experience one of the great moments nature has to offer!

We are here 9-5 everyday to try and help.

Posted May 27, 2018

5/26/18…..The Green Drake has Started!

I just talked to Bruce Fisher from The Penns Creek Angler in Weikert, PA and he told me that the Green Drakes are just Starting in Glen Iron(lower Penns Creek). They will move up the stream at a few miles a day. Each area will get them for 5-7 days as they move through their life cycle.

The water is still higher than I would like and has color but the fish have been eaten our bugs quite freely.

786 CFS at 2 pm.

Hope to see you soon….

Posted May 26, 2018

5/24/18….A Glimmer of Hope

Needless to say… has been a difficult water year.

The creek is falling and it has turned from brown to green with about 2 feet of visibility.

The most important thing is that it is NOT currently raining. Which seems like a miracle at this point.

We are seeing:

#12-16 Sulphurs

3 kinds of Caddis. #14-18

#14-18 Crane Flies

#10&12 March Browns

#14 Grey Fox


Blue Quills

Giant Stone Flies.

My guess for the Green Drake is June 1 in Glen Iron.

Posted May 24, 2018

5/20/18….Still Crushing It!

The water cleared dramatically today and there is around 3 feet of visibility or better from the bridge in Coburn!

Elk creek is cleaner than Penns and therefore the creek is even clearer below the junction.

The Levels are dropping fast and we are grateful!

There were trout rising last night on the edges and today right in the middle of the Creek! Amazing!


#16 Tan Caddis

#12&14 Sulphurs

#14 Grey Fox

#10 March Browns

#18 Yellow Crane Flies

#18 Blue Wing Olives

#18 Blue Quills

The Guides are Getting It Done….these are from today…..

Posted May 20, 2018

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