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Bamboo and Graphite rods

Glen Bracket and Team

Sweetgrass Rods

We are proud to announce the addition of Sweetgrass rods. The team that makes up Sweetgrass rods are the same bunch who built all of Winston Rods Company's bamboo for years. Now they are out on their own and we are glad about that. We will have as many of these rods as they will allow, but I don't expect that to be many, as the demand is very high. Let us know what you have in mind and we will have it here if we can.

Marc Aroner 
Marc Aroner Rods

Marc Aroner began his professional rod maker career in 1973 working for Thomas & Thomas. After six years working with Tom Dorsey and Tom Maxwell he took a position with the famous H.L. Leonard Rod Company. In 1982 he began building bamboo rods under his own name. This is a true master of the art. People have to wait many years for their Aroner Rod. We are only able to obtain one or two rods a year from this much sought after rod maker. Contact us for availability.


J.D. Wagner Rod makers

J.D. Wagner and his wife Casimira run the workshop full time together. Jeff began his career as full time professional bamboo rod makers in 1994. Their reputation for quality made bamboo rods has led to a well deserved national reputation and the respect of many of the top rod makers in the country. JD Wagner rods has a wait list of up to 18 months, so give us a call to see what we have in stock.

Jenkins Fly Rods 

Jenkins Fly Rods

In 1960 C.W. Jenkins began crafting cane fly rods using tools he designed and built in his basement shop. What began as a hobby has produced a limited number of fine bamboo fly rods treasured by anglers world-wide. Today, his son Steve continues to fashion rods in the same practiced and time-tested manner, while Charlie works to improve tool design and acts as support and advisor. If you have never cast a Jenkins rod, then you are missing out. These may be the smoothest new rods on the market today. 

D.G. Schroeder Rod Co. 

The D.G. Schroeder Rod Company

D. G. Schroeder has been designing and hand crafting custom split-cane fly rods since 1979. It takes great skill and years of study to master the art. Don has put in those years and it shows in his masterful quality. Don is a true rod builders rod builder. He would definitely prefer to be in the shop, as opposed to on the phone or doing the paper work, but he does it all himself. He packs the rods up for shipping and he takes them to the post office too.  

Dream Catcher Bamboo Fly Rods 

Dream Catcher Bamboo Fly Rods

Wyatt Dietrich is a young man who figured life out early, "work because you have to and do what you love every other moment." The only one of our builders who offers an unconditional lifetime warranty. His rods are beautiful and functional. He was trained by George Mauer back in 1999. He is a builder who we expect to become more valuable in both the long and short runs. For his age, he is way ahead of the curve.   

L.J. Downes Rod Co.

L.J Downes Bamboo Rod Co.

L.J. Downes is an up and coming builder with very reasonably priced bamboo rods that are perfect for those on a budget, but demand a quality fishing tool.  Jim was trained by George Mauer, and also uses the swelled butt style. His rods are crisp and meant to be fished. "I make fishing rods." And they are great!

Bill Franke Custom Graphite Rods 

W.S. Franke Custom Graphite Rods

Bill Franke produces some of the best custom built graphite fly rods we have ever run across. He builds a wide range of rods. Long and very short. Fast and slower actions. His rods are a real throw back to a time when most rods were hand wrapped with love and care. We are one of only two stores to be lucky enough to have Bill's rods, and the only in the state.  

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