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10/1/18….A wonderful opportunity!

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to go and spend sometime with our friends from Douglas Rod Company tomorrow and Wednesday.

They have invited us to visit them on the Douglaston Salmon Run on the Salmon river.

If you have never gone…..GO!

The reason I am sharing this….because I am normally a shy and reserved person… that we will be closed on Wednesday.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Posted October 2, 2018

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9/27/18….Fall is upon us

Hello out there…..

Things here have been very soggy! The wettest summer I have ever seen by far!

But you know who loves that?….The Trouts!

They are fat and healthy like it is May.

The water is still high but at some point we just have to go fishing anyway!

And that is just what we have been doing.

The hatches have been good.

#10 Slate Drakes

#10 October Caddis

#18&20 Blue Wing Olives

Mixed midges

I hope we get a chance to see each other again this year….

We would also like to give a big shoutout to our Tess for getting it done on her trip out west! Great job!

Posted September 27, 2018

8/27/18….Finally Fishing Great Again!

I am so happy to report that the fishing has finally gotten great again.

The water has finally pulled into reasonable condition.

The hatches are the same as above and most of the action as been subsurface.

Fall is not far away and the fish are clearly hungry.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy the fishing soon.

Call to see if one of our Guides is available to teach you our techniques!

Thank you

Great fish Brent!

Posted August 28, 2018

Summer/Fall Hours

These are the hours for the shop. The Bed & Breakfast is always open.

Monday: closed

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: 9 – 5

Thursday: 9 – 5

Friday: 9 – 5

Saturday: 9 – 5

Sunday: 9 – 5

Thank you. The shop number is 814-349-8757 and my cell number is 814-574-9426. Please feel free to call us anytime.

Posted August 12, 2018

8/9/18….The Rainiest Summer!

Sorry for the lack of updates.

The water has spent far more time out of its banks than fishable.

This is Great for the Fish but not great for business.

Always grateful to have a easy summer for the trouts.

The water is pulling into better shape now.

#16/18 Tan Caddis

#12 Slate Drakes

#18 Crane Flies

#18/20 Blue Quills

#12 Light Cahills

We have been catching fish….but please be careful in these flows!

Posted August 9, 2018

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