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1.11.2018….First of the year

I wouldn’t call it a thaw. Its only January 11th. We still have a couple more months of winter. Temperatures are predicted to stay over freezing until Saturday. There is some rain in the forecast. The warmer temps and mixture of above freezing precipitation may just be enough to cut back the heavy amounts of Ice on Penns Creek. I doubt it will eliminate it. I was at Ingleby yesterday. I walked over half a mile upstream before turning back to the car. It was all ice. Slow and deep, riffles, eddies, all of it…ICE. 

Truthfully I had not fished in a couple weeks. I was happy watching drywall mud and paint dry (literally) instead of battling sub 0 temps on the water. With the break in weather I headed out yesterday to find that first fish of the new year. Josh did well on Fishing Creek the day before. The lower end is wide open. Still a fair bit of ice through The Narrows. The lower end of Spring Creek is wide open. You might find some ice if you go far enough up near Spring Creek Park. 
This week looks like an opportunistic time to get out, wet a line, and wrangle a few fish. Get the new year started off on the right fin, so to speak. If you can find some open water the fish have been eager to eat a fly. They are also looking chunky and in much better shape that the last couple winters. 

Our 2018 Simms order has arrived, including the new G3 Guide Wader, new G3 Guide Boot in felt and vibram sole, new lineup of Dry Creek Bags. We are fully restocked on boots, waders, hats, and much more.

We have set the date for our Annual Spring Extravaganza, March 24, 2018. You know the deal…food, drinks, tying demos, fun, and a storewide sale. Don’t miss out. 

Posted January 11, 2018

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USGS Water-data graph for Penns Creek

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Full USGS data for Spring Creek at Axemann

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1.3.2018….Cold in Coburn

Happy New Year!
Thanks to everyone who helped make 2017 such a great year! We look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Winter decided to be on time this year and as of late we having been seeing extremely cool temperatures. It was 0 degrees (F) this morning and we are up to a brisk 10 degrees as of mid day. Temperature are forecasted to stay below freezing until at least Monday.


As a result Upper Penns is more less frozen. Below the confluence with Elk Creek, the Penns Creek side is all ice. In some spots the ice protrudes 15 feet out from the bank. Elk Creek’s side is what’s keeping it open with the combined flow of Pine Creek, Elk creek is dumping in warmer than upper Penns. At some spots, mostly where there is faster riffle water, there is minimal ice build up. Angler should use caution and choose wisely where to enter the stream in these conditions.

Most days we are working in the B&B and will be open for appointments.
Give us a ring if you want to stop by on a closed day and we will try to get you in.


Posted January 3, 2018

12.1.2017….happy winter

Meteorologically speaking today is the first day of winter.  The fish aren’t too worried about it.  Fishing continues to be productive.  We have good flows of water on Penns Creek unlike last winter.   The streamer fishing has been productive some days while nymphing continues to be a consistent producer of fish day in and out.

We haven’t seen a whole heck of a lot of traffic on the water as we are into PA Deer Rifle Season.  Never a bad idea to wear an orange hat this time of year, just to be safe. If you need one stop in the shop and check out our selection of Sitka Gear.. the orange hats will let hunters know where you are at and the base layers will keep your warm so you can fish all day long..

Egg patterns are a must have when entering the stream.  Smaller attractor nymphs; Frenchie, Iron Lotus, and Rainbow Warriors seem to get the job done.  Pheasant tails and hare ears can be just as productive as this time tested flies have the potential to produce fish any day of the year..

Updated shop hours:

(sorry the last post of hours was hard to read)

Christmas is just around the corner now! Remember we do offer gift certificates which can be applied to the Fly Shop, Bed & Breakfast, and Guided Trips. Stop in the shop or call to order one.

Posted December 1, 2017

10.3.17….Fall is in the air

The weather has cooled and the fishing is heating up!

Posted October 4, 2017

October 1, 2017

The shop will be closed on Monday and Tuesday October 2nd & 3rd. Sorry for any inconvenience. 
We will return to our normal 9 – 5 everyday on Wednesday. 

Posted October 1, 2017

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