6/6/18…..The End of the Drakes.

The Green Drakes are down to just a few Coffin Flies on Penns…..

The are still strong on Fishing Creek.

And yet….we are still catching really nice fish!

How you ask?

Current Hatches:

The Big Blue Wing Olives #14/16

Orange Cahills #12

Light Cahills #12

4 different Caddis #14-20

Crane Flies #14-18

Little Blue Wing Olives #18

Grey Fox Spinners #14

Sulphurs #16&18

Sulphur Spinners

And a partridge in a pear tree!

The water is in the best shape of the year…..if you missed your trip in the early spring….it is all good now!

Hope you get to come up and play!

6/3/18…..Drakes from Cherry Run to Coburn

It has been an unusual Drake year…..sputtered in the beginning and then Joy to the World!

The swarm will be in or just above Poe Paddy tonight.

There are Drakes happening in one form or another everywhere from Cherry Run (Coffin Flies)….

To Coburn (mostly duns with lots of male and some female Coffin Flies.

Also…everything other bug know to humankind is hatching as well (only minor exaggeration).

I think this colder burst of weather may extend the Drakes a few extra days!