4/27/17…..Dry Fly Action!

Water conditions are amazing!  Perfect wading levels and great clarity!
Hatches:  March Browns

Light Hendricksons 

Quill Gordons 

Red Quills

Crane flies

Small tan caddis 

Blue Wing Olives 

Blue Quills

A few sulphurs!

Get here….whatever it takes!  But be stealthy and you may even catch a beautiful brown trout!

Guiding Information

Thank you for your interest in The Feathered Hook guide service!  

Our goal is to provide an excellent guided fishing experience with the emphasis on both catching fish and teaching you to be a better angler.   All you need to do is show up….we will provide everything you need for your fishing day except waders and boots (which the shop will rent to you). We also recommend bringing a rain jacket and polarized glasses regardless of what the weather report says.   Of course we can help you with these necessities at the shop. 

Our Guarantee:  Nothing is more important to us than sharing the amazing fishing experience of central Pennsylvania with our clients. To be sure that you are satisfied with your experience, we GUARANTEE THE YOU WILL CATCH A FISH WITH US….OR YOUR NEXT TRIP IS FREE! 

A Full Day:  A full day with us includes 8 hours on the water and lunch. All the flies you will need, terminal tackle and rod/reel are provided. You are welcome to use your gear….but our equipment is dialed in for what you will be trying to accomplish. 

(1) Angler $350

(2) Anglers $425

A Half Day:  A half day includes 4 hours on the water and no lunch. Everything else is the same as above. 

(1) Angler $275

(2) Anglers $350

Thank you.

4/23/17……MARCH BROWNS!

The creek has decided to burst into action!  Every hatch is overlapping like never before in my career!

March Browns #10/12

Light Hendricksons #12/14

Quill Gordons #12/14

Crane flies #16

Blue Quill #18

Grannom Caddis #12/14

Sulphurs will be starting any day based on the activities this year so far!  See you soon!
March Brown fish from Penns yesterday…..