10.24.2016….New Shop Hours 

Collin got it done fishing with the Feathered Hook Guide Service over the weekend. Great job as always bud! 

A beautiful kyped up Penns Creek brown


      Central Pennsylvania as well as most of the North East was blasted by rain at the end of last week. While our neighbors to the east and west both faced torrential storms and flooding, Penns Valley recieved very little rain. Penns Creek hardly budged at all, while just about every other body of water blew out. Some recovered quicker than others, as some as still on the way down today. The Little J, Spring Creek, and Fishing Creek are all on the rebound and should produce some good fish catching for the next few days. Penns Creek is still running around 50 CFS: very low, slow and clear.  Olives and blue quills are hatching on with a variety of caddis and midges on Penns Creek.  There are a few slates and October caddis popping off still. Anglers are likely to find rising fish mid morning and mid to later afternoon.  Streamer fishing has continues to produce with the agressive,pre-spawn  brown trout.

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