Everything is in really good shape and stands unchanged from yesterday. We had a drizzle but it had no effect on the creek. The bugs are happening and there were much rising fish! Sulphurs should be going on real soon on Penns. I also saw my first March Brown yesterday!

Shout out to Chantelle for this new killer soft hackle sulphur! Nice!


Tie one on! May 17th!

The May edition of TIE ONE ON! is coming up on May 17th! The Outcast angler men are gonna come over and do some tying and we will drink some beers, eat some cheeses etc. The last 2 events have been great and we hope to see you there!


Monday 4/29/13

Thank you for the quick feedback about the webpage. I am so glad you all care enough to type to me!
We had rain yesterday throughout the area but everything is fine! None of the streams came up dramatically. The color is great in all of them. Penns is at a perfect level and the Grannoms and Hendricksons are on big time. Same is true over on Big Fishing Creek. Spring creek is in great shape and the Sulphurs just started 2 days ago and the fish seem to know they are there! Hope this helps plan your trip.
Shout out to Lance Wilt for getting it done locally! Sorry….I was sworn to secrecy. Check out Lance’s website at www.outcast-anglers.com The link is on the left!


Putting the new website to a vote

Hello everyone. As you have noticed, I have changed the website and introduced more weird and I hope, funny stuff. Today was the first negative comment about the page, saying that it is too weird and not fishing reporty enough. I can totally see that point of view! It is not a hardcore fish porn site but I do try to keep the fishing reports up to date and accurate. Please voice your opinion!!! Positive or negative comments are both very important to me! I ran the site as a straight fishing report page for 14 years….I can do that if you prefer. Please chime in! Email me if you like…the link in on the left. Thank you! That is all…

Shout out to Tyler Nonn….getting it DONE on the strippers!! Big time!!