June 29, 2013

Captains log: There is no doubt that morale is down amongst the crew. We have been 7 days without power and only Harp seal to both eat and entertain us. They are lovely creatures that play and frolic on the ice flows and also taste great over the bar-b-q. There has been no word from base and I begin to fear we will never be rescued…..must not let on my fears to the troops though. Stiff upper lip and all that. Truth be told, I do miss my comfy old chair by the fire and having Elenor, my pet goose, in my lap. Until tomorrow then….

So….in other words…the creeks are muddy!


June 28…31st day of Noah’s flood

Yesterday’s rain was ridiculous! People were pulled over left and right! Spring creek was out of its banks and Penns creek is a muddy mess! No report from fishing creek yet but it can’t be good.

Sulphurs, blue quills, tan and black caddis, crane flies, slate drakes, light Cahills, and the big blue wing olives.

The bridge from Millheim to Coburn is closed!!!

The proper detour if you’re coming from the State College is to take Paradise Rd. off of Route 45. Proceed 2 miles to the stop sign at Penns Creek Rd. Then turn left onto Penns Creek Rd. and go 2 miles to the stop sign in Coburn. If you go left, we are on the left.

The proper detour if you are coming from the east is to take Pine Creek road in Woodward. Take Pine Creek road for 6 miles to the stop sign. Go left into Coburn.

The proper detour if you are coming from the north is to come to the light in Millheim. Then go right onto route 45 for 2 miles and then go left onto paradise road and follow the directions as above from State College.

Shout out to Scott McKee….Gettin it done in Canada!