July 26th. Thank you very much!

Penns is looking good and the temps are real nice. Fish have been rising well in the evenings. Slate drakes and crane flies, plus blue quills and terrestrials too. Nice.

Tricos are just getting started also!

Gotta be real sneaky right now. Look at the new Simms camo!


21 July

Penns is in really good shape finally! The waters have come down and cleared enough and the weather is starting to let up! It’s a miracle! I’m not build for a heat wave…

Hope y’all are having a great summer!


July 5! MERICA!

Penns creek will never be clear again and you should make other plans for the rest of your lives. Or at least, so it seems. Spring creek and Fishing creek are ok. Not great, but ok. I really miss you guys. Without people to keep us on the straight and narrow, this is what happens….


July 2

We continue to have rain everyday. Spring creek is fishing well even though it is off color and highish. Things should round into shape on Penns creek by the weekend if it stops raining someday.

Shout out to Guy…love the new wading boots!