The 30th. Firing on all cylinders.

Hello everyone. Not much has changed here lately. The creek is right on historical average levels and the nights have been cool so the temps are good.

Hatches: slate drakes, blue quill, crane flies, tricos, terrestrials, light Cahills and midges.

The fishing has been good but ya gotta work for them a little or just fish the green weenie, which is apparently like a pellet fly to wild trout.

I am going to Wisconsin musky fishing with Lance Wilt and Outcast Anglers October 20-27 if anyone wants to come. I think there are 3 spots left. This was my favorite trip I did last year…it ain’t easy fishing but I really enjoyed the challenge. And the group caught a good number of musky! Awesomeness!

Proud to live in Yinz!


August 15….nice

Ello’. How are you? I’m good. Things here are nice. Water is real good. Hatches are Slate Drakes and crane flies and tan caddis and tricos. Levels are good and temps are real cold. Morning Penns temp was 59 today!

Shout out to Astin for really getting it done in TX! You can’t win them all, but that’s pretty good!


August 8th!

The song remains the same. Water is good. Hatches are fine. Temps are good. Levels are good. I’m good. You’re good. Nice. Nice.

Shout out to John for representing at Upper Canyon Outfitters in MT. with Lance and Mitch! That’s one good looking dude!


The 1st of August!

Let me tell y’all a little story bout the 1st O’ August. Now gather around here nice… was an August not so unlike this one when my pappy first told me bout the amazing Trico and its secret powers to control trout the world over……oooooooooo!

Warm here, but not hot. Streams are all in amazing shape for this time of year! Slate drakes and crane flies and caddis and blue quill and terrestrials. And the amazing tricos are starting too!!!

Darwin!…….you fool!!