Welcome to Spring. 3/22/14

Hello everyone.
So much to say and catch up on…..

First…thank you to everyone for a wonderful extravaganza! So many people came and I had a really great time!
Thanks to John McLain, Todd Peters, Jeff Wagner, Dr. Brian J. Wilt, Mitch Rotz, Todd Johnson, Lance Wilt and Aston Boone for their great presentations and tying demonstrations!
Thanks to Straub Brewing for all the support….the new seasonal flavors were a huge hit!
And thanks to all you who came and made it quite a party! It is nothing if you don’t come!

Now on to the fishing report….

Things are finally rounding into really good shape….Penns creek is at a great level and the fish are chasing streamers and eating stonefly nymphs and sucker spawn. The blue wing olives have started on all the creeks in the area but the fish aren’t rising on Penns yet. We also have midges and little black stoneflies hatching. The fish are rising on spring creek to the olives when the weather is right and fishing creek is starting to turn on too.

Other than that….we are just getting the shop ready and stocked up for the Spring to come.

You know…..chillin….