7/10/14….just living the dream

Hello. Hope you are well. I took a nice walk along the creek today and watched as fish rose to beetles and ants and maybe a few blue quills.
The water is stained with great visibility. The creek is staying cold from the regular rain showers. It’s nice here. Hope it’s true where you are too.

I caught a musky!!


7/8/14….let freedom continue to ring!

I say we make July 4-30 a holiday! Our independence wasn’t won in a day and our celebration of it shouldn’t last only one day. China takes a whole month off for New Years. Just saying.

The fishing has still been good. Slate drakes and light cahills and blue quills and crane flies! Oh my. The fish have been rising every night….which is nice.



7/3/14….back on track….

Ok. It appears we are up and running again….
The creeks are holding up ok. The temps are gonna cool off tomorrow night. That’s a good thing.
The fishing has been pushed to early mornings and later evenings.

Hatches include: slate drakes, cahills, blue quills and terrestrials.

Nice fish Bill!