4/27/15…..the real beginning of Spring? 

the weather in the area has really taken a turn for the better finally. 

The creeks are all in great shape with bugs hatching and even some rising fish. Penns is still high but the color is great and the Grannoms and hendricksons and the quill Gordon’s are all hatching.  

I fished Spring creek today and there were lots of midges and a few caddis and crane flies. 

The fish were on the feedbag real good though…like….Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake. 
Pretty fish Cope….wish I could say the same….


4/21/15….A real washout!

Last night was a heck of a storm! Hail and buckets of rain!
All the creeks spiked hard!
Spring creek will fish tomorrow but penns and the little J are gonna need a couple more days. Hopefully the weekend will be epic!

Good work Kaleb!  


4/19/15….The Hendrickson have begun!!

We have now seen the beginning of the hendricksons and the Grannoms! A few fish starting to rise and some good bug activity! Fun!

The creek is in great shape currently but rain is in the forecast.

If you haven’t met him yet….Matt is our newest family member….Tim is his dad. Honored to have you guys in my life!