1/7/2016….Day 7

Hi again. Hope your New Years is going well. Things are moving along here. It’s cold, but no snow in the forecast. Penns is running around 400 CFS.  The water is moderately clear, to the anglers advantage you can see the rocks to wade around and fish to. Fishing is sporadic so to speak.  Fish where you think the fish should be. Big Stoneflies have been productive especially with an egg behind it. Stick to your guns and make sure your nymphs are getting down.  Don’t forget to bundle up and remember warmer days are coming…

Streamers also catch fish as Logan Johnson a local and LHU Baseball player shows, keep up the good work bud!!


1/2/2016….   Happy New Year

We are still alive in Coburn! The days have turned dreary, cold, and gray. We are more less in winter mode preparing for spring. The recent shot of water has the creeks looks really good. 
The Fish Monger went out this morning with Aston and found a number of active fish. With the water levels up a bit it is a little easier to identify where you think the fish “should be” and to fish that area. Just be careful wading, the water can be swift and is very cold. 
Nymphs have been working well: Stoneflies, Caddis, olives and eggs to name a few. 
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The Fish Monger was thinking about having fresh fish for dinner tonight..Nice work fellas.