3/28/16….So much going on!

1.  The annual extravaganza is this Saturday from 9-5!  Come on by for a store wide sale!!
2. Water is in great shape!  The early Spring has come and blessed us!
3.  Quill Gordons and Hendricksons and blue wing olives are all raising fish!  Get here if you can….the next few days look great!
 At The Feathered Hook….we grow are customers from scratch! 

3/22/16….fish catching, snow flurries, and heartbrake 

     We took a step back this weekend in regards to weather but the fishing just keeps getting better. “I’m having a better time right now than I do in May, “Josh said over coffee this morning in the shop, “that sucker spawn is a killer”. “You don’t say” I replied with a heavy dose of sarcasm as we both chuckled. 

Josh with a beaut


Penns Creek fishing is premium right now folks. The fish are actively feeding, replacing that winter weight loss and looking chunky. The suckers are spawning and the trout can’t resist to pass up a free meal floating by. Trout are aggressively eating suckerspawn. It is not uncommon to see one shoot two or three feet to eat a suckerspawn. I like to fish mine behind a big stonefly on a drop shot rig. Aston likes to tightline his his behind a frenchie.

   After we closed the shop Sunday afternoon Aston and I ventured out for a little Sunday Funday. It was a chilly gray day, I think the high was 41 degrees. We got in the water at 2 o’clock and were the only ones around to witness a strong Blue Winged Olive hatch. I headed out to work some slower water with boulders as Aston moved upstream to work the riffle water. Within about 10 minutes Aston had four fish to hand and I was standing downstream with my rig in a birds nest. It happen to the best of us, so I re-rigged and proceeded to fish my way up. By the time I reached Aston he had two more to hand. “Suckerspawn or Frenchie”, I asked as I walked around him to move up stream. “Half and half” he replied.  

     I began to work a shallow riffle just off the bank and hooked a brown that gave me the old LDR. Aston continued by and up to a series of small boulders creating pockets and seams, premium fish holding water if you will. Within three casts he was hooked up and calmly shouted for me 40 yards downstream. I looked up as his 11ft rod doubled over. I quickly reeled in my rig as I hastily maneuvered my way up stream…I forgot to mention we were only fishing with one net. 

 Once I closed the gap I quickly tossed my rod on the bank and bee lined to Aston. The fish wasn’t making any moves but rather sitting behind a rock shaking his head back and forth. “How big” I questioned as I slowed my approach from below. “Solid 18” Aston replied as he endured the headshakes. I watched as the rod tip absorbed the head thrashing in an attempt to spit the fly. As the fish seemed to calm and Aston thought to work the fish to net, the line went limp and the fly flew back, as we looked at each other in disbelief…. 

     I turned back toward my rod as Aston continued to fish. As I reached the bank and reached for my rod I turned to see Aston hooked up yet again. His rod just as doubled over as a minute before. I turned and headed back for him as I asked if he thought it was the same fish. Before he could answer, I saw one trout somersault and a stick of gold shoot in the opposite direction. The kid had himself a double. “Swing em down to me” I hollered, not wanting to lose these fish…I need website content after all! I scooped and scored, as we landed Aston’s first double on Penns Creek (a feat I have yet to accomplish). Pictures were snapped, the fish were released, and we continued to fish.   

     We had a fun filled three and a half hours of fish catching, snow flurries and heartbreak. It was one of those days where it seemed like most of the fish in the stream were looking for a meal.  

     Josh was out last night on Penns Creek and watched an angler land a number of fish of dry flies through the late afternoon. Olives were abundant and should continue to be as we continue to see increasing bug activity. The weather forecast is showing warmer days again which should make for pleasant fishing conditions the rest of the week. 

   A friendly reminder our SPRING EXTRAVAGANZA is Saturday April 2. Everything is on sale and major discounts on select items. 
Hope to see you soon.

3/20/16…”there’s a hatch on somewhere”

Got out of the shop yesterday and spent the afternoon on the water with our friend Steve Larson. As we hopped out of the truck and started rigging up I quickly noticed a couple caddis dancing up and down about 15 yards away near the bank. “that’s not a bad sign” I thought to myself as I pointed out the fluttering caddis to Steve. 

 We continued our process of rigging up and put in a walk downstream to break off some water for the afternoon. As we eased into our first location we spotted blue wing olives..a decent hatch of them. There were not many fish working the surface(that we saw). So we decided to stick to out plan and bounce our nymphs off the bottom.  

It didn’t take long to pick up our first fish. And that’s how it seemed to continue..Steve had the Mojo! 

The “fish of the day” goes to the little brownie aggressively rising to olives in pocket water..we spotted him pop 4 times to the surface, before we slid down to nymph to him. You would have thought Steve’s nymph was covered with gink, aquel, frogs fanny, and dry shake.. Steves first good cast in the slot brought the fish to the surface to meet his fly as it broke the surface. We both squeeled like school girls.  

“the aggressive little brown”


A few meaty fish Steve hooked into today.  Awesome work Steve…good fishing!


3/18/16….squaring up

Things are squaring up for the season. New gear is in and up in the shop. Winter construction is winding down here around The Hook. And the fishing has been productive. 

Stoneflies, olives, and suckerspawn have been producing consistently on Penns Creek.  Anglers have reported sporadic rising fish..have to be out there to find em.