5/23/16…..Penns Creek survives again!!

So the rain did come and the sun is peaking through and the creek is totally dry fly fishible!

The drakes are stretched from Glenn Iron to just about Weikert. 

We are also getting a nice hatch of Green Drakes up stream of Coburn from the shop up to the dam.

The creek has about 3 feet of visibility and with the green drakes on, that is plenty!

Penns has been blessed with great water conditions all year and I couldn’t be happier!

Hatches: GREEN DRAKES!  March Browns and sulphurs and blue quills and blue wing olives and crane flies and little tan caddis and the beginning of the Slate drakes and………WOW!
Here is a real 20″ fish that Aston guided Chris to this week!


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