4/20/17……Dry fly mania!

Today was the day the dam broke and the fish really started to rise!
Grannoms are hatching strong and the light Hendricksons and quill Gordons are too!  Great Hendrickson spinner falls this week. The water is beyond perfect!
The face you should make if your not here!

4/13/17…..A Great Day!

So it appears that Spring is in full swing as of yesterday. The trees are just starting to bud and the fish are looking up. 

Today the fish ate the grannom dries very well….God love ‘Em!  The water levels have dropped to the 600’s and the color is perfect! 

We had small black caddis #18

Blue Quills #18

Blue Wing Olives #18

Light Hendricksons #12/14

Red Quills #14

Quill Gordons #12/14

And mixed midges # I can barely seem them anymore. 

On a more serious note……we lost a dear friend recently.  He was famous for one of the greatest beards I have known and for being a hell of a fisherman and a very nice guy!  He received a great beard discount on a regular basis and I hope he still is wherever he is!

Nice fish Scott!

6/16/16…..Still hammering fish!

The Big blue wing olive is one of my favorite fishing hatches of the year….and this year is no exception!  The fish have risen so freely to the duns and spinners this year. I think the over abundance of food and warming water temps during the Green Drake drives the trouts metabolism through the roof and they hit the feed bag hard!  

Hatches: sulphurs and blue quills and blue wing olives and crane flies and little tan caddis and the Slate drakes and cahills. 
Next generation!