6/2/17….Every hatch at once!

Yesterday was crazy with bugs!  The Big Blue Wing Olives started and the Slate Drakes are really getting going and light Cahills are happening to join with the other massive variety of bugs that were already hatching!  Bug Soup!
The water is perfect and the weather is beautiful. 

6/1/17…..Coffin Flies abound!

The creek has returned to Wonderful condition!  We can see all the way to the bottom from the bridge this morning. Fish are rising and bugs are flying!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..


March Browns 

Grey Fox

Tan Caddis

Grey Caddis

Blue Wing Olives 

Blue Quills 

Crane flies 


Light Cahills 

Giant Stone Flies

Coffin Flies

Slate Drakes