4/11/17….Penns Comes to Life

After just having spent an hour on the bridge we have seen Grannoms, size 18 Black Caddis , Blue Quills, BWOS, Red Quills​​ and a few Hendricksons. The water is still a little high, with about four and a half feet visibility. Water temp is about 54 degrees. We watched multiple fish rising steadily. It is so on!!

2/22/2017…Smells like Spring

While it is only the 22nd of February the weather has us thinking Spring. We’ve had some generally mild weather for the last week and there seems to be more headed our way. The creek is in pretty good shape. Warmer days have been producing some Blue Winged Olives. Some anglers report of seeing a riser here or there but nothing real consistent. There has been a good bit midge activity and fish feeding on them. Don’t be afraid to try a dry dropper rig with a midge. An Olive CDC Caddis to a black zebra midge is personal favorite rig for the early season. Keep your eyes open for the Little Black Stoneflies, they could be happening any day know. 

Mark your calendars, our Annual Spring Extravaganza is Saturday March 25th.  

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  • Meet our Hardy and Simms Reps

1/2/2017….Closed Tuesdays

The Fly Shop will now also be closed on Tuesdays. Hope to see you soon.

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11.23.16….Closed for Holiday

The fly shop will be closed today, Wednesday November 23rd and tomorrow, Thursday November 24th. The shop will reopen Friday at 10 a.m.
The fishing has been productive for those who have ventured out in the wintery conditions over last few days. Stoneflies, frenchies, and eggs (yellow/orange/pink) have been go to patterns subsurface.  Streamers are also worth throwing. Smaller/lighter streamers are a little bit easier to fish without catching a load of bottom in a lot of spots right now due to the low water conditions. 

Contact Jonas at (814) 574-9426 if you have other questions. 

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.