6/5/17….Best Blue Wing Olive hatch of my career!

Yesterday was a perfect day for the Big Blue Wing Olives!  Like something right out of a Charlie Meck book!  There were SO many bugs hatching and fish were all over them!  Amazing! The hatches are overlapping like I have never seen!  And the water is perfect !

 We have:

Big and little Blue Wing Olives 

Light Cahills 

Orange Cahills 

Slate Drakes

Blue Quills 

Grey Fox 

March Browns 

Crane flies 

3 different Caddis

2 different Sulphurs 

Adult Stone flies


And I am sure I’m missing something…….


Nice work Lowell!  Great pics

6/4/17…..A banner day!

Drizzly overcast day today. Some shower that trapped the Blue Wing Olives on the water and all the other bugs too!  The creeks wanted the rain and it is coming in nice and slow. Shouldn’t blow up the creeks at this rate. 
There are SO many different bugs hatching right now!  The Drakes and Coffin flys are gone for another year but the late Spring hatches have all started early!
The reason we fish Stone fly nymphs so much!  3 1/2 inches long!

6/2/17….Every hatch at once!

Yesterday was crazy with bugs!  The Big Blue Wing Olives started and the Slate Drakes are really getting going and light Cahills are happening to join with the other massive variety of bugs that were already hatching!  Bug Soup!
The water is perfect and the weather is beautiful.