The Feathered Hook Fly Shop on Penns Creek

The Feathered Hook Fly Shop offers a wide selection of locally tied flies, bamboo rods, graphite rods, breathable waders, wading boots, fly fishing clothes, experienced guide service and a semi-knowledgeable staff to try and answer your questions. We hope to have everything you might need for your time in Central PA and quite a bit more. The store has a huge selection of flies tied by our nineteen local tiers. We carry a large selection of leaders and tippets as well as floatants and every other gizmo we can think to order.

We are proud to offer Central Pennsylvania's largest selection of Simms waders, boots, and clothing. We have a tremendous selection of Simms gear in stock, to touch, try on, and see. We're proud to feature Rio and Scientific Anglers fly lines, Hardy and Greys rods and reels, Thomas and Thomas rods, Fishpond vest bags and luggage, Loon floatants, Trout Hunter tippet and leaders, Nomad nets, 3-Tand reels, Folstaff wading staffs, Ted Godfrey reels, and an assortment of The Feathered Hook gear as well as an assortment of odds and ends for all your fly fishing needs.

We are a bamboo friendly shop and offer fine handcrafted rods from nationally known makers such as Walt Carpenter, Marc Aroner, Sweetgrass rods, D. G. Schroeder, Steve Jenkins, J.D. Wagner, and Jim Downes, plus a few select up and coming cane rod builders. We also carry Hardy and Greys graphite rods and custom built graphite rods from Bill Franke. We can fit your budget and needs.

I have always been impressed with bright shiny things and our reels are no exception. We carry Hardy, Greys, Peerless, J. Austin Forbes, 3-Tand and a selection of vintage reels by a variety of makers. We carry Rio and Scientific Angler fly lines. We are more than happy to help you with your tackle problems whether you bought it here or not.

Please keep in mind that our vintage items turn over rapidly. Please check our Bamboo Listing page to get an up to date listing of what we currently have in stock. Pre-owned tackle is available for those on a budget, but still wishing to purchase quality equipment.

We are also interested in purchasing vintage used tackle that you might wish to part with.


New in the Shop

5/29/2020….Pleasantly Surprised!

When I woke up and saw the graph this morning, I assumed we were Done! Gratefully….upon seeing the water this morning and the fishes rising in it….we are far from it!

The storm must have gotten much worse far down below us….a rare but important occurrence. Please remember the hydrograph is 30 miles down stream.

The GREEN DRAKES are coming off here in UPPER Coburn this morning. They were also heavy on the lower river last night….from roughly Millmont to Weikert.

The creek is dropping fast…as happens with thunderstorms.

Pictures from this morning….

Posted May 29, 2020

5/28/2020…..Be Water My Friends

The Green Drakes have started way down stream! It is So Exciting!

We have seen them as far up as Weikert. The numbers are not heavy yet and it is mostly males but it is a START!

The other Hatches continue to be ridiculously thick….and as you would expect…..Penns Creek is still quite hard!

Water temps stayed steady yesterday at 64.

Here’s a couple of pictures if you aren’t here yet…

Posted May 28, 2020

5/27/20…..And So IT Begins……

With the warm weather comes the GREEN DRAKES…..

They are just beginning at the very lower end….but it is time to make your plans!

The weather will be hot for a couple days and then it is going to cool down which means we will have a nice prolonged hatch I think (I am no entomologist)

The water is a little low and quite clear

March Browns and Sulphurs and Caddis and Crane Flies and Grey Fox…Oh My!

So Much Bugs!

We are open 9 – 5 every day

Hope to see you soon!

Getting it done!

Posted May 27, 2020

5/22/20….Bugs and Masks

I want to thank everyone for all the support during these strange and troubling time!

Life in the shop is kinda the same as usual and kinda completely weird…..

But life on the stream is about the same as it’s ever been.

A few more people than normal when the weather is nice but it is late May.

The water levels are near perfect and the hatches have been excellent:

March browns

Sulphurs (of assorted sizes and colors)

Caddis soup


Blue Quills

Crane Flies


So much bugs.

We have seen 2 GREEN DRAKES so far… to be soon though!

Hope you are all safe and well and we see you soon

Posted May 22, 2020

5/7/20….Time for a New Begining

Thank you to everyone for your kind works and support during these unprecedented times…..!

The Feathered Hook will reopen tomorrow May 8th……..9-5 everyday of the week!

We are very excited and somewhat nervous.

We take your safety and our own very seriously!

Please wear a mask while in the store and keep social distancing upper most in mind.

We will be limiting the number of people in the shop to 10 at any one time.

I can’t say enough about the out pouring of love and support you have all shown us during this… has meant our very survival as a business……I Thank You!

The creek is still high from Thursday’s heavy rains but the color has improved nicely. No get but improving.

We have March Browns and a few Sulphurs. Caddis and Crane Flies abound. Blue wing olives and blue duns too

Hope to see y’all soon



Posted May 8, 2020

3/26/20….Thinking of Everyone

This is the hardest post I have ever had to do.

My thoughts are with you and yours during these unprecedented times.

I have become acutely aware of what The Feathered Hook means to us all, what it represents to so many of us, more than ever.

Many people have been reaching out to see how they can help.

I have been So Moved by this support and love!

It has always been my greatest professional honor to run and manage The Hook.

We WILL BE HERE for us ALL when this is over….

If you find yourself in a place to be able to help and feel so inclined to do so….we would ask you to purchase a gift certificate for when this ends. Please call my cell phone at (814) 574-9426 to do so.

As all of you know….this is usually the beginning of our “busy season” which seems so trivial in so many respects right now….

All gift certificates will be for 110% of the purchased amount.

Please stay safe in whatever do to get through this and we will try and do the same.


Jonas Price

Cell: 814-574-9426

A few pictures from back in the day….

Posted March 26, 2020

3/19/20……Now Closed

As most of you know….all non essential businesses are now mandated to be closed in Pennsylvania

That includes the shop

It also seems to include the Bed and Breakfast

We are not sure about the guiding….but will let you know asap.

We hoped so much to be able to provide you all with a safe place to be during this trying time…..alas the choice is not ours to make.

We must think of the safety of all of us first and foremost.

It is my most sincere wish that you all stay safe and we can see each other again soon

Until then…I’ll catch one for you

And Matt might even catch one too!

Miss y’all already!


Cell: 814-574-9426

Call anytime

Posted March 19, 2020

3/15/20….Difficult Times…

Good Morning Everyone,

After long discussions and much thought, we have decided to postpone this years Extravaganza.

We plan to be open and will still be having our sale, but all of the other events will have to wait for another time.

Amazingly, the Extravaganza has blossomed into a large event and we the know it is not wise to host such an event at this time.

The whole store will still be on sale Friday Saturday and Sunday and again when the Extravaganza is rescheduled for…..

I am most saddened by the idea of not getting to see as many friends and have hugs and handshakes but these are difficult times.

The Feathered Hook shop and Bed and Breakfast will remain open as a place of refuge and solace during these times.

We have been fishing a lot and making things ready as we always do this time of year.

The weather has been amazing as you all know and the fish are eating like it is a warm April.

Who knows what this will do to the Hatches…..we will see!

Feel free to contact me at 8143498757 (shop) or 8145749426 (cell) anytime.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



Posted March 15, 2020

1.23.2019…winter is here?

Hi, hope you folks are staying warm.

Our Extravaganza is set for March 20, 21, 22, 2020.

Storewide sales and discounts!

Food, drinks, and fun.

Demos and Fly Tying

The sales will run from Friday to Sunday. Saturday will be the big she-bang. Hope to see you there!

It seems like winter may finally be setting in. The next weeks weather forecast calls for an average low in the 20s and an average high in the mid 30s.

For January fishing, conditions could be much more cold. We have been getting out to do some fishing and even some catching.

Penns, Spring and Fishing Creek have all been producing with nymphs. Baetis, stones and midges have been consistent fish catchers across the board.

We have had a few guided trips rolling out with the almost spring like weather early January brought us. If your getting cabin fever give us a ring and we will line up a day to help you cure your cabin blues!

Our spring orders have started to roll into the shop. New Simms and Fishpond orders have hit the shop and are up ready for you to check out!

Shop Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Thursday: 9am-5pm

Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: 9am-5pm

Posted January 23, 2020

12.27.2019….Happy Holidays

Hi. Hope the Holidays are treating you well.

We have some of the best water in the creek we have had all year and the fish know it.

The weather has been quite manageable and mild as of late making for some great winter fishing conditions.

Stoneflies nymphs , pheasant tails, caddis pupa, BWO nymphs and other attractor nymphs have been producing.

Streamers have absolutely been producing there share of fish for the committed meat chucker.

We have even seen some sporadic surface action, don’t get your hopes up but it could happen!!

Weather forecast looks promising for the next week at least.

If you can manage to get away for a day of fishing we HIGHLY recommend it. We have guides available.

Fly Shop remains open Wednesday-Sunday 9AM-5PM

Bed & Breakfast open 365..

2020 Fishpond order in the house!

We are excited about the fully submersible waterproof bags available in the new Riverbed Camo.

Posted December 27, 2019

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