Penns Creek in spring
The spring green drake hatch on Penns Creek
offers some of the best fly fishing in
Central Pennsylvania.

A Fly Shop and Flyfishing Bed & Breakfast

Since 1989, the philosophy of The Feathered Hook has been simple: to help every person who comes to fly fish central Pennsylvania's streams to achieve their goals, catch more fish, and enjoy themselves all the more. We specialize in wild trout that are stream bred and raised. Our guiding includes both public and private water experiences. The Feathered Hook is centrally located to fly fish brown trout and brookies on the world-class limestone streams of Pennsylvania, including Penns Creek, Elk Creek, Pine Creek, Big Fishing Creek, and Spring Creek.

Located in the heart of Northern Amish country on the banks of Penns Creek, The Feathered Hook is a fly fisher's inn. We provide a tying area, fly fishing literature to read and an attached shop to meet your fly and tackle needs. Most importantly, we provide an atmosphere that will allow you to relax, enjoy yourself and forget about the rest of the world.

In the tiny Appalachian town of Coburn, Pennsylvania, life occurs at a different pace. Take your time and take it easy: the only rush should be to get to the stream. Look forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones.


Latest Updates

11/25/15….Happy Thanksgiving

The fly shop will be CLOSED on Thursday, 11/26/15, so we can spend thanksgiving with our families. 
On that note, I want to say how thankful we are for you folks and keeping The Feathered Hook and our dreams alive..Happy Thanksgiving friends. 


Did you miss out on our fall blowout earlier this month? No worries, we will be running sales for Black Friday. Stop by the shop and see what deals we have to offer. 


Gift Certificates

With the holidays just around the corner it might be worth your while to tell your friends and family that we do offer  Gift Certificates for the fly shop and guided trips. 

Right now we are offering an additional 10% to the total of your gift certificate purchase. 

Buy a gift certificate for $100, receive a gift certificate for $110.


Fishing Report
Anglers continue to report success through out Penns Creek. Pretty much the same story as it has been: small nymphs, blue winged olives, caddis, eggs, and streamers. I like working the banks and cover earlier in the day with a natural color streamer (olive, brown, black).   Nymph rigs fished along the seams of the riffles and runs through the late morning and afternoon seem to help find post spawn fish. 
Keep in mind the PA deer rifle season opens on Monday and runs for two weeks. Remember to avoid wearing natural colors, such as brown and black and wear something bright. Hunters must wear orange, so it is not a bad idea to do the same. Hope you get out to enjoy some time on the water.  

Another gorgeous fall brown


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11/14/15….And it continues..

Things are really good here in Coburn. It’s starting to get cold. Feeling like fall for sure..Got out for a day on the water with the Rocket boys yesterday. The wind howled most of the day but we battled through and stayed persistent..  Fall fishing at its best..
Trips with the Feathered Hook Guide Service boys are still available through fall and winter.  


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11/12/2015….Really good water

The fly shop will be closing early today, November 12, 2015 at 2:30pm.

Hello again…Matt here

The fishing continues to be pretty darn productive. I was on the water with Dave yesterday. We found success with a multitude of techniques (streamer fishing, nymphing, and swinging) and found a few quality fish. It has been raining on and off the past few days and the creek has risen in effect. Right now, 10:00am the gauge on Penns Creek reads 236 cfs, a great fishing flow for this time of year. It rained a little bit more last night into this morning. Should be really good water for those planning to fish this weekend. We’ll be in the shop normal hours this weekend.  


I hopped on my bike this morning and peddled down tunnel road just as the school buses were making their rounds through town. Morning’s light took a little longer to illuminate the valley this morning due to dense cloud cover. Just as I was rolling up to where I planned to park my bike, I noticed small rain drops hitting my arms. As I brush busted my way to the stream the small drops become larger drops and by the time I was standing in the stream it was nearly a down pour. I debated tying up a nymph rig and working a riffle that was right in front of me…. As I looked around my eyes wandered up stream to a long flat. A few boulders scattered here and there protruding out of the water. I thought to myself, it is Penns Creek and those are boulders…there must be fish there. So I tied on a fresh piece of 2x and tied on my bugger. I worked my way through the flat hitting the boulders from all sides and the banks to boot. 

In my experience I have seen a couple types of streamer eats from trout. There’s the type where you are stripping and stripping when your fly just stops and for the slightest moment you think you are stuck until you strip one more time and the head shakes start. The other kind is where you are stripping when the fish shoots like a torpedo, speed rocketing to demolish your streamer with every ounce of anger, aggression, hunger, or whatever the fishes motivation is behind killing that streamer….I like that. The key when you get an eat on your streamer is to keep the rod tip low, and strip set. Sometimes fish miss the streamer on the first take… if you keep the rod low and keep stripping you can keep the fly in the water and give the fish another shot at it. If you “trout set” or lift the rod tip then you are pulling the fly out of the water and out of the fishes zone and believe me it is not the best feeling in the world. Tip low and strip ! 

I connected with a couple fish working the boulders in the flat and beating up the banks. I was fortunate enough to experience both types of takes I mentioned. November is one of my favorite times of years to fish because of the number of different ways you can find success on the water along with the solitude of fall. 

Hope to see you soon!



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11/9/2015….gone fishing…duh!

Hi folks, Matt here. If we haven’t met yet, hi I’m Matt Kowalchuk..I’ve been living the Hook Life for about a year now. Fresh out of college with a Recreation Management degree and Environmental studies minor. This summer I took the title as Head Guide for Feathered Hook Guide Service. If I’m not in the shop you can normally find me somewhere down Penns Creek.  I have also asked Jonas if I could help update the website, he thought it would be a great idea so here we are. But enough about me….
A gorgeous day in Coburn. Life is good. 
Thanks to everyone that made it out the the shop this weekend! It was great to see so many faces, it felt like May in the shop. 
The fishing continues to produce from angling reports. Eggs, olives, caddis, and streamers seem to be ticket for most anglers. Morning and evenings seem to be effective egging and streamer fishing with caddis and olives popping throughout the day.  The water is relatively low but the water is cold and the fish are active. I type this from the bridge as I’m heading out to enjoy a day on the stream.. 
GUIDED TRIPS still available through Novmeber and December
FLY SHOP is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9am-5pm. Sunday 9am-12pm.
The BED & BREAKFAST remains open 24/7/365.
Call or email for me information about guided trips or if you need in the fly shop on closed days.



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11/5/15…..SATURDAY SALE DAY!!!

I’m really getting excited for our first ever Fall Sale this Saturday!  Hope you can make it by…EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!!

This is what I’ve been doing with my free time!

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SALE! SALE!  SALE!  Saturday, Nov. 7th!

The Feathered Hook is having a Fall blowout on Saturday, November 7th from 9-5. Things will be priced to move and discontinued items will be insane!!!!!


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10/22/15……real good fishing 

I love the fall because the fish get on the feed bag and don’t make to hard of terms with those who seek them.  The instinctual desire to fatten up before the spawn gets the fish a little drunk and lowers their inhibitions. That’s real good for us. The weather has been great and the water is nice and cold. 

 The mother of invention! 

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10/8/15…..oh….it’s on!

The turn in weather has made all the diffence in the fishing and fish behavior!  They are on the feed bag and trying to fatten up for the coming winter. We have had rising fish but the nymph and streamer bites have been the best. 

Hope we see you soon!



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The weather has started to change up here in the Central PA area. Our nights are cool to cold again and that is a wonderful thing for the fishing!  The streams come back to life with bugs and the fish know it’s time to fatten up before the spawn!

We have seen tricos and blue wing olives and small tan caddis and crane flies and the October Caddis is starting too!!

Hope you get a chance to come out and play!

These photos are all from this week……thanks Matt!  The last picture is of October Caddis cases.


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Fall Hours

The bed and breakfast is always open!

Shop hours:

Monday.  Closed

Tuesday.   Closed

Wednesday.  Closed

Thursday.  9 – 5

Friday.      9 – 5

Saturday.   9 – 5

Sunday.   9 – noon 


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