Fly Shop

The Feathered Hook Fly Shop offers a wide selection of locally-tied flies, bamboo and graphite rods, breathable waders, wading boots, fly fishing clothes, experienced guide service and a knowledgeable staff to try and answer your questions. We hope to have everything you might need for your time in Central PA and quite a bit more. The store has a large selection of flies tied by our twenty six local tiers. We carry a large selection of leaders and tippets as well as floatants and every other gizmo we can think to order.

We are proud to offer Central Pennsylvania’s largest selection of Simms waders and boots. We have a tremendous selection of Simms gear in stock, to touch, try on, and see. We’re proud to feature Rio and Scientific Anglers fly lines, Hardy and Greys rods and reels, Thomas and Thomas rods, Fishpond vest bags and luggage, Loon floatants, Trout Hunter tippet and leaders, Nomad nets, Folstaff wading staffs, and an assortment of The Feathered Hook hats and shirts as well as an assortment of odds and ends for all your fly fishing needs.

  • 11.16.2021
    Updated Fall Store Hours
    • Monday-Closed
    • Tuesday-Closed
    • Wednesday- 9am-5pm
    • Thursday- 9am-5pm
    • Friday- 9am-5pm
    • Saturday- 9am-5pm
    • Sunday- 9am-5pm
    Appointments available Monday and Tuesday. Call Jonas at (814)574-9426 to make an appointment.
  • 6/30/21….HOT!!!

    It is SO HOT!

    Luckily the weather is about to get much cooler starting tomorrow and we are supposed to get some rain which we really need.

    So…….we have been Smallmouth fishing big time!

    We have also been fishing at Lodge property which is always cold!

    Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!



  • 5/24/21…DRAKES!

    And so it has begun again!

    With all the heat I expect the Green Drakes will move faster than normal up the creek but what do I know……

    Our First Green Drake of 2021!

    See ya soon


  • 5/6/21…..Bugs Bugs BUGS

    Spring is a special time of year!

    Things come to life…

    Bugs start to hatch….

    And trout start to rise!


    The water is low and clear for this time of year. We are supposed to get some rain soon but does anyone trust weather people?!

    The Hatches:

    March Browns

    Grey Fox


    Blue Wing Olives

    Yellow Crane Flies

    Assorted Caddis

    Not Bad!

    Go Alison! 19 Incher!

We are a bamboo friendly shop and offer fine handcrafted rods from nationally known makers such as J.D. Wagner and Jim Downes, plus a few select up and coming cane rod builders.