Updated Fall Store Hours

  • Monday-Closed
  • Tuesday-Closed
  • Wednesday- 9am-5pm
  • Thursday- 9am-5pm
  • Friday- 9am-5pm
  • Saturday- 9am-5pm
  • Sunday- 9am-5pm

Appointments available Monday and Tuesday. Call Jonas at (814)574-9426 to make an appointment.


It is SO HOT!

Luckily the weather is about to get much cooler starting tomorrow and we are supposed to get some rain which we really need.

So…….we have been Smallmouth fishing big time!

We have also been fishing at Lodge property which is always cold!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!




And so it has begun again!

With all the heat I expect the Green Drakes will move faster than normal up the creek but what do I know……

Our First Green Drake of 2021!

See ya soon


5/6/21…..Bugs Bugs BUGS

Spring is a special time of year!

Things come to life…

Bugs start to hatch….

And trout start to rise!


The water is low and clear for this time of year. We are supposed to get some rain soon but does anyone trust weather people?!

The Hatches:

March Browns

Grey Fox


Blue Wing Olives

Yellow Crane Flies

Assorted Caddis

Not Bad!

Go Alison! 19 Incher!