May 25, 2022….Any time now…..

The water is in great shape and the bugs are finally going strong but we haven’t seen the Green Drakes yet!

March Browns

Sulphurs and Cahills

Caddis galore

Blue wing olives and blue quills

Grey Fox

Lots going on and the fishing has been good……

See ya soon

4/21/22….Spring Time

I think it is Spring time here….?

It snowed this week and it’s supposed to be around 80 degrees on Sunday. Whatever weather!

The creek is finally in really good shape which is nice!



Quill Gordons.

Red Quill.

Blue wing olives.

Good times.

Happy memories.

See ya soon!


4/9/22….That’s So April

It’s raining…….It’s pouring…….

Spring in Central PA….it’s the best of’s the wettest of times

The creek is high right now, it will be different soon

Call the shop for the most up to date information




Quill Gordon’s

Blue wing olives


Crane Flies

A Great Man with a great fish!

See y’all soon